About us

What we do?

Our niche is creating personalised learning experiences for JEE aspirants.

Our niche is creating personalised learning experiences for JEE aspirants.At DOUBLE SLIT, we leverage technology to merge best practices like use of Simulations, engaging content, practice quizzes and doubt discussion forum.Every detail of a student’s journey is planned and executed at the deepest level with subject matter.Based on the student’s progress, personal learning profiles are created which help analyse strengths and areas of improvement. We, at Double slit, offer numerous badges and certificates and assignments to the students to increase the engagement and motivate holistic learning .

Our Poles of strength:
Practice Quizzes: More than 60k+ practice MCQ’s of Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics for JEE. Whenever errors are made, motivating remedial methods are generated to strengthen and improve the student’s progress.

Science Simulations: 250+ Science and Mathematics Visually rich simulations to enable conceptual clarity and lifelong term retention. It is a technique that reproduces actual events and phenomena under test conditions.

Doubt Discussion Forum: A science and mathematics community where students can form groups and make discussion over any topic. No doubt should remain in head.